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IT FLIES USA will be held at the School of Engineering, University of Dayton on Saturday 13 April 2013 - entries from any US/Canadian/UK universities are invited now. Download your entry form from the IT FLIES USA section of the website if you'd like to participate!

Guest speaker for the Competition this year is L. Scott Miller Professor and Chair of Aerospace Engineering Wichita State University.

Shadow Craft - A World of Secret Flight - a great deal of aircraft development in America has taken place in secrecy, the U-2, SR-71, Blackbird, B-2 Spirit Bomber, and F-117 Stealth Fighter are some now high-profile examples of once hidden efforts. If you believe the rampant rumors there are more secret aircraft hiding in the shadows. His presentation will summarize many of the rumors and review publicly available evidence that suggests the existence of secret aircraft projects. The viability of the rumours and evidence will be discussed, and some additional ideas will be offered.

Dr. Aaron Altman said...

"The University of Dayton is pleased to be selected to host the 3rd annual It Flies US competition. Given the experience of the previous two competitions, the direct benefits to students of having their planes flown by test pilots and the benefits of our participation in the competition have become apparent in ways we never could have imagined!"

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