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MP500-2 flight simulator

Merlin has created the MP500-2 UAV simulation development and control station for use as a simulator in its own right, which also provides the end user with a simulation which can be integrated with an MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator within an aerospace laboratory, and used for interactive flight.

The MP500-2, although designed as an UAV simulation development and control station, may also be used as the first building block towards an MP521 - as the cockpit and motion system may be purchased and integrated at a later date.

Some universities are now using the MP500-2 for research into control and stability of UAV designs ranging from scaled up portable drones to full size autonomous vehicles

When integrated with Merlin's MPATC Air Traffic Control simulation station, and MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator, the MP500-2 provides the ideal tool for research into piloting uninhabited air vehicles in a mixed inhabited/uninhabited air traffic environment.

Photograph - MP500-2 flight simulator

Photograph - MP500-2 flight simulator

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