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Merlin's Visual Displays

Merlin offer a choice of Visual Displays for their simulators:-


Visual display graphics and HUD display are written in Open GL featuring airports and reconfigurable elements of the HUD and visual scene.

Visual Display (Real World)

The visual System provides worldwide geotypical terrain, with generic runways and approach lighting on all airfields on the worldwide terrain. Also upgraded graphics for the specific airports of London Gatwick and London Heathrow, plus upgraded high definition graphics for a set of aircraft to represent the 'other aircraft' when Merlin's systems are linked to flying in the same scene, so that any 'pilot' will be able to see the 'other aircraft' in the scenario if they are in visual range.

The Genesis software created by US company Diamond Visionics, creates hi-fidelity 60hz terrain images directly from GIS source data, on the fly - which means that accurate, detailed terrain databases for anywhere on the planet can be produced almost instantly.

This ultra detailed visual display is perfect for the testing of rotary wing and UAV designs.

The Heads Up Display (HUD) associated with the visual is written in GLStudio and is supplied with a development facility enabling the User to modify the HUD, and to create new instrumentation displays for display within the cockpit.

The visual display may also be viewed simultaneously on a large screen in the lecture theatre or simulation laboratory, providing the perfect medium for teaching a large group of students.

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