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The MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator is Merlin's core product. Used for all aspects of aircraft design related principles, from the classic stability and control evaluation, through to cockpit ergonomics, systems engineering, avionics and psychology.

The MP521 Simulator comprises a capsule with a six axis motion system, visual and instrument displays, touch control panels, and hardware flight controls.

Flight Software:-

Merlin's unique Flight Software, Excalibur, is a fully non-linear transonic realtime six degrees of freedom aerodynamic application.

Excalibur enables novel or existing designs to be created for the following types, or Hybrids thereof:-

  • Single and Multi Engined Piston and Turbo Prop Aircraft
  • Single and Multi Engined Jet and Turbo Fan Aircraft
  • Gliders
  • Fixed Wing V/STOL
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft with up to four rotors - and Auto Gyros
  • Aerostats (Airships and Balloons)
  • Low Earth Orbit Vehicles (horizontal or 'vertical' in take off)

The designs may be realised using the Excalibur Data Editor, without the need to write computer code, using geometric design data produced in the aircraft course design process. Excalibur enables students/researchers to 'flight test' novel designs to assess performance, and achievement of design objectives in complete safety.

Excalibur is a superb aerodynamic application that has the flexibility and mathematical integrity to respond correctly to everything from the basic dimensions of wing span and chord, to the details of the wing aerofoil.

In addition, The Excalibur Data Editor enables user specified criteria may be entered to simulate:-

  • Dynamic aeroelastic effects due to Z forces,
  • Dynamic payload shift/deployment is simulated.
  • The mapping of any cockpit control to any control surface and vary the sense and gearing

The aerodynamic application is totally open, such that the user may enter all the parameters to define an aircraft of given performance through the Excalibur Data Editor, which is a simple graphical user interface (GUI). Merlin's flight software has been flown by leading test pilots in the UK and the USA.

Visual Display:-

Visual display graphics and HUD display are written in Open GL featuring airports and reconfigurable elements of the HUD and visual scene.

Visual performance:-

The visual scene meets the requirement of a Flight Training Device in terms of the runway lighting, approach aids and environment.

The visual display may also be viewed simultaneously on a large screen in the lecture theatre or laboratory, thus providing the perfect medium for teaching a large group of students.

Instructor Station:-

The visual and instrument displays in the cockpit are repeated on the monitors at the Instructor Station - communication is by a standard headset. The Instructor Station has full control of the flight scenario and a map display of the simulated aircraft (single or multiple) positions and track.

Distributed Interactive Simulation:-

Merlin's Multisim application enables the 'linking' of any of it's Simulation Systems into a common scenario.

This feature is installed at some UK and USA universities that now have simulation suites comprising two or more of Merlin's engineering flight simulators - thus enabling students to experience 'flying' their aircraft designs in the same airspace.

MP521 Software/Hardware Options Available:-


Flight Simulator MP521 - photograph
Flight Simulator MP521 - photograph
Flight Simulator MP521 - photograph

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