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Manchester students take AOPA flying prize

Andrew Aldridge and Luke Wheadon from Manchester University won the AOPA prize of flying lessons for The Best New Aircraft Design, at last summer's IT FLIES UK event at Coventry University.

Having just completed their flying lessons from Westair at Blackpool, Luke said 'The experience was amazing, this was my first flight, I will be definitely be getting a PPL in the future, and maybe even become a pilot! We cannot thank Merlin, AOPA and Westair enough.'

Andrew had flown once before, and was keen to put his theory based learning into practice. 'The weather was not ideal by any means and we found ourselves flying through clouds and rain. This made the experience even more exciting as we were interested to learn about the aircraft's instruments and handling capabilities rather than taking in the view. I climbed through a very low cloud base, and before long, was surrounded entirely by clouds with no visual reference - I was flying entirely on instruments. This was one of the most exciting experiences of the day!'

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