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Red Bull Stratos Team fly the University of Dayton's Merlin MP521 simulator

In Dayton to unveil the Stratos exhibit at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, the Red Bull Stratos Team were invited to The School of Engineering, at The University of Dayton, by Dr. Aaron Altman, to fly their MP521 simulator.

Ted Lannert, fourth year Engineering Student at UD said "We were privileged to have Colonel Joe Kittinger, Art Thompson, and Jon Clark visit us at the University of Dayton. These individuals were part of the team that assisted Felix Baumgartner with his record 127,000 feet. After their presentation they spent some time flying UD's Merlin Flight Simulator. Colonel Joe Kittinger was able to bring his years of test pilot experience and fly some of our student aircraft designs - an Acrobatic Racer, a Crop-Duster, a Light Commercial Jet, and a 4-place STOL plane. For each plane he was able to give some constructive feedback on how improvements could be made. Colonel Joe Kittinger worked with one of the planes trying to perform acrobatic maneuvers such as inverted flight. All three brought a large amount of flight experience to their critiques.

Just speaking with these men was a privilege because of their breadth of knowledge. All of them were extremely impressed with UD's Merlin Simulator. The variability was a quality that none of them had seen before. Each had flown simulators tailored to specific planes but none that provided the flexibility of the Merlin Flight Simulator. From a student perspective the entire experience was one that I will always remember and appreciate."

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