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UK IT FLIES - £1,000 to the winner

This year's UK IT FLIES will be held on Thursday 16 June at Coventry University - and it is hoped that a team from The University of Dayton will be able to participate. Test pilot judges will be the same as 2010 - Dave Southwood from the Empire Test Pilots School, and Dave Mackay, Chief Test Pilot for Virgin Galactic. John Farley will be providing the commentary - and giving a presentation on the all important Harrier aircraft.

It is imperative that although the aircraft have been forcibly retired, that the fantastic design is not forgotten in a new generation of students. There may even be a V/STOL entry this year from one of the universities.

The first two prizewinners from 16 June will be invited to enter IT FLIES at Dayton next spring.

Posters , entry forms and more information about IT FLIES may be obtained from

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