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Aircraft Design and Handling Competition - USA - 2011 - Results

The first IT FLIES USA was held at The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, at The University of Dayton, Ohio.

Entries were of high quality, and included students from Swansea and Coventry universities, UK.

The designs were assessed on the simulator by three very experienced US test pilots, while the Presentation Section was judged by three members of the Society of Experimental Test Engineers.

This year IT FLIES was held on 2 April in conjunction with the AIAA student regional conference, and included simulations of both new and existing aircraft.

The results are as follows:-

First University of Dayton with their C130
Second Swansea University with their blended wing design
Third Coventry University with their Hawker Hunter

First Coventry - Hawker Hunter
Second Swansea, and UD with their electric aircraft design
Third Coventry F-35B design

The winners, Andrew McClinton's team from Dayton, plus Brian Cranston and John Puttmann, who designed a 2 seat electric aircraft, will be coming over to compete in IT FLIES at Coventry University in June 2011.

Bethan Kenward, Team Leader for the Swansea students said:-

"The chance to attend this competition was very rewarding for us. We had an amazing time and are really grateful for the opportunity to see what American university life is like and to attend the competition. The other activities that were put on while we were there were an eye opener for us and were opportunities we would not get to do here, like visiting the research labs. We are also very pleased to have come second and are grateful for all the help we were given in getting out there."

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Photo - Two men, the winners

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