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IT FLIES - 16 June 2011 at Coventry University - Results!

A great competition, with nine entries for IT FLIES UK this year. A selection of aircraft designs, including two V/STOL aircraft.

Flying judges Dave Southwood, and Dave Mackay could not separate the top two entries on their handling qualities - the electric aircraft from The University of Dayton, and the very light jet from Swansea University.

The official results are as follows:-

First Prize:-

The University of Dayton's team, Brian Cranston, John Puttman - electric airplane

Swansea University's team, Sam Seaton, Alex Woods, Bakhtawar Khan, Francis Paul Mboya Opiyo, Komalben Shah, Matthew Hunt, Owain Little, Roberto Morujo - Very Light Jet

They won the Harrier Trophy and £500 each from Merlin Flight Simulation Group; plus membership of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Second Prize:-

The University of Dayton's team, Andrew McClinton, Brian Walsh, James Agans - C130H

They won £250 from SAFRAN Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

Third Prize:-

Coventry University, Gian Zapata - SIPA aircraft

Swansea University, Chris Grout - Motorized Glider

They won copies of John Farley's book 'A View from the Hover'

The IHS prize for the Best Technical Information went to:-

Bobby Henderson and Ioannis Sophocleous

Bristol University for their A319 replacement

The AOPA prize for the Best New Aircraft Design went to:-

Bobby Henderson and Ioannis Sophocleous

Bristol University

Our grateful thanks to our sponsors this year, AOPA, SAFRAN Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, IHS, and the Royal Aeronautical Society, without whom this Competition could not have taken place. Also to Coventry University for the use of their splendid aerospace laboratory for the day.

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photograph - Group of men with certificate

The winners, Swansea and University of Dayton

photograph - One man in a flight simulator

Dave Mackay flying an entry

photograph - Man in a flight simulator, two others look on

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